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The Shaping of My Purpose, Passion and Pursuit

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Pull up a chair and grab a glass of alkaline water, we're about to get deep.

I'm Julie – a beauty junkie, wellness coach, Clean + Clear living and hormone expert, and owner of a silly, spunky pup named Harley. And as a longtime sufferer of all sorts of hardships at the expense of my hormones and health, I recently founded Hello.Me. This new venture serves the dual purpose of providing a (virtual) space for women to come for information on how to optimize their health, as well as being the source for science-backed supplements to address the root causes of some of the most common beauty and wellness woes.

In short, I’ve spent much of my life stepping on landmines to ensure that you don’t have to. My numerous physical, mental and emotional symptoms of hormonal imbalances – and related stressors – have both informed and inspired my mission and this movement towards hormonal health.

Taking a giant step back, let me tell you a little bit more about me.

For two decades prior to now, I spent my days on Wall Street, in venture capital, entrepreneurship and consulting high growth and start-up companies. As you can imagine, I was busting my bum on Wall Street while in mergers and acquisitions and institutional equity sales – fun! You get the idea, so I’ll spare you the details. But, the brightest bits to emerge from that time were my personal 3Ps: Purpose, Passion and Pursuit. And that mindset is what’s driving me today, to help other women learn how to function optimally while pursuing great professional and personal interests – or both.

But, Julie, what sort of ‘hardships’ have you really faced that make you an expert on all this?

Well, most notably and recently, I underwent a double mastectomy after an early-stage breast cancer diagnosis. That physically and emotionally invasive procedure was quickly followed by the removal of my ovaries and fallopian tubes to diminish the risk of ovarian cancer, which is prevalent in women who have a BRCA2 gene mutation (that’s scientific talk for: the genetic odds were stacked against me). So, I was put into full blown menopause overnight. To boot, just before my second of two nearly back-to-back surgeries, I had to close a complex venture capital deal to help get Hello.Me off the ground. These parallel experiences added even more fuel for ensuring Hello.Me became a reality and the success it has become.

Separately, over the past fifteen years (yikes), I've also had to find holistic ways to heal from several environmental tsunamis (think chemical + mold exposures) that wrecked havoc on my health. Learning how to avoid future exposures, establish an ultra clean living environment and lifestyle has required an incredible amount of research, experimentation and self-learning. Although my friends call me the 'canary in a coal mine' for environmental toxins and chemicals, it has been a blessing because it has further catapulted my passion for all things wellness + empowering others to live their best lives through Clean + Clear living.

Lastly, post healing myself for the first time in 2008, my two years of post graduate naturopathic medical studies furthered my educational background in science (Bachelor of Science, Biology) to a new level with a great understanding of botanical medicine, clinical nutrition and how to heal the body through holistic modalities.

Outside of this, you can find me on my mat or on the trails – I’m a Vinyasa yoga teacher (600 hours of teacher training) and a hiking enthusiast. Naturally, health is my highest priority, Clean + Clear Living and hormone balancing is my jam, and I make a powerful superfood smoothie that you’ll honestly crave (recipe here). I’m a true champion for women entrepreneurs, particularly in the entrepreneurial and FemTech spaces, and sit on the Board of UCLA Anderson Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

I’m so grateful you’ve landed here and I’m excited to go on this journey together.

Feel free to get in touch or follow along on social.

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